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PCA and EAGLE GRIP LAUNCH ON 911 to help the KIDS & the Game.
The basic design of the entire Eagle Grip Line is the half glove. It varies from the full glove that for the past century was designed based on the belief that all fingers fit in a certain height/width category – this basic design creates more rippage in the glove and less ability to actually feel the grip. Golf trainers have told us that the feel of the club is in your palm, so that is where the grip is really needed. The Eagle Grip line eliminates the slippage of the glove, which in turn eliminates the need to re-grip and reposition the golf glove during the swing.

Added to every EG glove is the “X” factor stitching on the palm. This allows the golfer to line up the club at the correct place on the hand, giving him/her a better palm grip on the club and aiding in the prevention of the slice or hook – allowing the golfer to have better control of the club overall.

The most significant difference between the Eagle Grip Line and other golf gloves is the wicking material used to eliminate the perspiration and water build up that occurs while golfing. This design has multiple benefits. First, it eliminates the sweaty hands, allowing the golfer to use the glove without having to constantly remove it. Second, it takes the moisture from the golfer’s hand and absorbs it into the leather, giving the leather a more pliable use. Third is what’s known in the glove industry as “Hand Feel”. With the use of the wicking material, the Eagle Grip has created the softest hand feel of any product comparable to our brand.

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